On 23 March 2020 the Skidegate Band Council declared a State of Emergency to further minimize the risk related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The following measures shall come are in immediately:


  • • A ban on non-essential travel into and out of Haida Gwaii for all Skidegate band members except those providing essential services in accordance with Skidegate’s Pandemic Plan, or requiring emergency medical care.


  • • If you are returning from travel abroad (i.e.: outside of Haida Gwaii), it is mandatory to self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

  • • Non-island residents will be asked to turn around and not enter the community; or, for non-residents traveling through the community to their destination, no stops will be permitted.


  • • As of this notice, gatherings of 10 or more people are strictly prohibited. This measure will be updated in accordance with Provincial and Federal directives.

  • • All Skidegate band members who are no longer working in essential services are strongly advised to stay home. If you must travel for essential services, please do so quickly and observe social distancing protocols.


  • • Band members may only have contact with those in the same household, except in workplaces that continue to operate. Those members who continue to attend physical workplaces must actively practice social distancing and follow recommended practices with respect to hygiene and disinfection of common spaces.

  • • Areas that typically attract larger groups of people where a separation of 6 feet is difficult to maintain are now closed to the public. This includes the George Brown Recreation Centre, Skidegate Youth Centre, Haida Heritage Centre, Nursery School, SHIP, Daycare, Adult Day Program, Spirit Lake Trail and playgrounds.


  • • Children under 12 years of age must be supervised or within communication distance of an adult when outside.

  • • Deliveries of goods and services will be allowed into the community, with minimal contact with band members.


  • • As per the Skidegate Emergency Operations Centre “Bulletin #2,” elders requiring grocery or medication pick-up and delivery are asked to contact the Skidegate Health Centre: 250-559-4610.

  • • Local grocery stores and gas bars still in operation (Taaw Naay, Fields, Co-op) are advised to adhere to their own or Provincially-imposed patron cap. All establishments and patrons must respect social distancing.


  • • Skidegate’s IR#1 borders will be coned off in an effort to limit potential exposure to COVID-19. Signs will be erected at Skidegate’s IR#1 borders.





Check-in Phone Call from Skidegate Mental Health

During this time of agreeing to safety measures such as social distancing and self-isolation, it may bring up or trigger memories of isolation from the past. There are steps that your Skidegate mental health counsellors can assist with, if you need to talk, or learn a grounding practice, for your nervous system.

We need your permission to phone you, to assist with supporting you during this time of isolation. Please phone the Skidegate Health Centre (250 559 4610) to let us know if you would like one of the counsellors to check in on you. Please provide your phone number, name, and your preferred time for a support call.


Skidegate Health Centre is implementing ESSENTIAL SERVICES ONLY

Essential Services include:
• Home and Community Care (home care nursing and home support, including medication delivery)
• Community Health (nursing-Heather)
ADP: is closed. Trish and her cook will continue to prep. meals and deliver to ADP clients.
• Patient Travel: Emergency Patient travel only and on as needed basis only.
• Mental Health: for counselling, please call 778-361-0179. Mental Health counselling will continue to provide support through phone, or skype.

If you are feeling not well, have a fever and coughing please call *811 and /or 1-844-645-7811

We will be periodically checking our phone messages: 250-559-4610.


March 23 - Skidegate Health Centre Update: Dental staff have been quarantined for 14 days after the Dental Conference and are symptom free. The Dental Office remains CLOSED until further notice.


March 21 - Emergency Operations Centre Update 2


• Medical transportation for all off-island medical appointments is currently unavailable.
• Urgent medical appointments (prenatal confinement, dialysis, or cancer tx.) and emergencies MUST be submitted as a Benefit Exception request. You can call FNHA 1-855-550-5454 for clarification.
If approved, medical transportation can be arranged by our office.

For emergencies only continue to call our 1-778-361-0176 number. Please note, we are only checking for messages at this time. Please leave a message.

ALL Non-urgent, non-emergencies will not be dealt with at this time.


March 16 - Skidegate Mental Health Team only offering telephone or virtual appointments

If you would like to book with Karen George or Janet Rigg, you can do the following:

• log on to and self book an appointment.

• call the Skidegate health centre at 250-559-4610 and reception can book an appointment for you.

• call or text the mental health cell phone at 778-361-0179.

Once you have made an appointment, the mental health practitioner will contact you to determine the best way to meet virtually.

Patricia Vickers, Mental Health Department Head, can be reached by email or by calling/texting the mental health cell phone or calling SHC reception.

March 16 - Skidegate Dental Clinic: Notice of temporary closure

Skidegate Dental has been advised by the Minister of Health that any attendees from the Pacific Dental Conference on March 7, 2020 are to immediately self-isolate until March 21, 2020.

We had 3 employees attend the conference. Therefore, we are closing our doors and all further appointments will be cancelled until further notice.

We appreciate your patience with us and hope to be back serving the general public as soon as we are able to. Skidegate Health Centre is still open.

March 15 - Northern Health Authority launches a COVID-19 online clinic and information line .

The NH COVID-19 Online Clinic and Information Line can be reached at 1-844-645-7811.

March 12 - Prevent illness by washing your hands (photo)

Currently, our best defense is prevention.
• frequent hand washing with soap and water
• hand sanitizing when washing is not available
• staying home if you have any cold or flu symptoms
• coughing into your sleeve

Please ensure that if you have any symptoms – fever, coughing, etc. – that you stay home. Do not go to work and do not go out into the community. It is important that you self isolate and reduce the possibility of spreading this virus. If you have symptoms – please call the Nurses Line at #811


The Health Director and staff work hard to evaluate existing programs and develop new ones to meet the changing needs of our community, taking into account all finances and recommendations from Health Canada. Administration ensures the smooth operation of all services and programs that fall under Xaaynangaa Naay, networks with other Health Directors, and works with staff to improve the services for our community.


Lauren Brown

Box 1348 Skidegate
V0T 1S1 Haida Gwaii 
p. 250.559.4610
f. 250.559.4619


If you are not feeling well, have a fever and cough please call *811
or 1-844-645-7811

We will be periodically checking our phone messages: 250-559-4610.

Monday - Friday
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