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HlGaagilda Xaayda Kil Naay - Skidegate Haida Immersion Program (SHIP)
The Skidegate Haida Immersion Program (S.H.I.P.) was founded in 1998, following a ten day extremely popular
Skidegate Haida Immersion Summer Session.

We have grown into a viable community program, and are able to attract a few new students each year. Adults
who previously had never thought that they could learn to speak Haida have become an inspiration to others.
We also participate in many community events, and often we are asked to contribute to research of Haida traditions
and names. We continue to maintain a high profile among community members and organizations Gwaii Haanas –
Parks Canada , Haida Gwaii Museum and School District #50. Whenever possible, we send a representative to First
Nations Language conferences to glean new methodologies of language preservation and revitalization, and to share
with other programs what we have found to be working well at the community level.

S.H.I.P. has been recording the Skidegate Haida Language, and has produced over 120 instructional CD-ROM's for
use at home, in the S.H.I.P. Program, in schools in the community, and Haida's living off island. Within the S.H.I.P.
Program there are 10 very committed and dedicated Elders who are fluent speakers of the Skidegate Haida Language.
The average age of our Elders is 80 years of age. The Elders attend S.H.I.P. five days a week, ten months of the year.
They represent approximately 50 % of today's fluent Skidegate Haida speakers. Their efforts to revitalize the Skidegate
Haida Language are genuine, and from the heart. Respect for their ancestors, the language, and its many dialects have
been of utmost importance.

The goal of the Skidegate Haida Immersion Program is to preserve and revitalize Skidegate Haida Language, and
to have it once again become the language spoken in the households of Skidegate and in Haida families living
off island, and that future generations of Haida people will be able to speak the Skidegate Haida Language, and
pass their language on to their children.

Skidegate Inlet Adult Day Program
The Adult Day Program provides a pleasant and safe environment that assists individuals to live independently
within the communities of Sandspit, Queen Charlotte, Skidegate and Tlell area. The program is jointly funded by
the Ministry of Health and the Skidegate Band Council and maintains strong links with the Skidegate Health Centre.
Our staff members include a Registered Nurse, Cook, Driver, and Activity Workers.

Economic Development
Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation
Mandate: To guide the development of Skidegate towards achieving and maintaining economic self-sufficiency
with a focus on generating revenue for community development and employment for the people of Skidegate.

The Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation office now offers an Aboriginal Business Service Network-BC REACH site.
ABSN BC REACH sites are public access locations where Aboriginal entrepreneurs have access to and use of
Aboriginal specific business resource materials, support and Internet access in order to undertake business research
planning and development.

Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation
Box 1297 Skidegate
#605-607 Ka'ay Llnagaay Haida Heritage Centre
#2 Second Beach Road
V0T 1S1 Haida Gwaii
p. 250.559.7885
f. 250.559.7886
ext. 228 for GNC Administrative / Bookkeeping Assistant & Haida Expeditions Ltd. emails: or
ext. 234 for GNC Executive Director. email:
ext. 235 for GNC Bookkeeper. email:

The Health Director and staff work hard to evaluate existing programs and develop new ones to meet the changing
needs of our community, taking into account all finances and recommendations from Health Canada. Administration
ensures the smooth operation of all services and programs that fall under Xaaynangaa Naay, networks with other
Health Directors, and works with staff to improve the services for our community.

Health Centre
Box 1348 Skidegate
V0T 1S1 Haida Gwaii
p. 250.559.4610
f. 250.559.4619
hours: Monday- Friday 8:30am-12pm & 1:00pm-4:30pm

Lauren Brown, Director of Health


Skidegate Education Department
The Skidegate Education Committee consists of members from the Band Council and volunteer members of our
community. There are 10 active members on the Education Committee. Most committee meetings are held in the
evenings or weekends. The committee meets on a “as needed” basis, which could be anywhere from once every
two months to two times a month.

A majority of the community members have been on the Education Committee for ten or more years, the Skidegate
Band Council greatly values it’s committee’s and all the hard work they do on behalf of our Council and Community.

This is an open committee, and the Skidegate Band Council welcomes all interested individuals. If you are interested
in volunteering for this committee, please contact Lisa Shoop, the Education Coordinator for more information.
For more education information please visit the Education page.

Education Department
p. 250.559.4496
f. 250.559.8247
hours: Tuesday- Friday 9:30am-12pm & 1:00pm-4:30pm

Skidegate Toy Lending Library
Skidegate’s Toy Lending Library offers fun and educational toys for different age groups and is open to all families
in Skidegate. The library is located in Apt #2 in the complex that houses Skidegate Daycare and Head Start.
The hours are Monday through Thursday, 9 am- 3 pm.

Sk' aadgaa Naay Elementary School
Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary School is a provincial-run school (School District #50) for children from Kindergarten
through Grade Seven.

1. To reduce the academic disparity between Haida and non-Haida students.
2. To improve Literacy achievement levels for all students.
3. To increase student social responsibility

Our academic calendar is available through School District #50’s website.

Skidegate Out of School Program
Skidegate Out of School is an after school program for children ages 6-12. Our hours are Monday- Friday 3 pm- 5 pm
and we are located at the George Brown Recreation Centre. Transportation is provided between the school and Centre.
We also offer summer day programs.

Skidegate Nursery School
The Skidegate Nursery School provides a program for 4 year olds to help prepare them academically, emotionally
and socially for a successful start to Kindergarten. The school year runs from September through June and offers
two class sessions Monday-Friday 10am-12 noon & Monday-Friday 1pm- 3pm. We are proud to note that our nursery
school teacher has been an important part of our children’s lives for more than 30 year.

Skidegate Head Start
Children, through being loved, valued and encouraged will gain the courage, the strength and the wisdom to use
the power of a good mind and spirit in all that they do. - Head Start Statement of Beliefs and Values About Children

Head Start is a national program that is designed by each participating community to enhance early child development
and school readiness. Each Head Start project
reflects the uniqueness of its First Nations community and culture and is built around the following six components:
Culture and Language, Education, Health promotion, Nutrition, Parent and Family Involvement, and Social Support.

Skidegate Daycare
The Skidegate Daycare provides quality licensed childcare for children ages 3-5. Our staff members are licensed
ECE workers who deliver a program that enriches and stimulates in a safe and supportive environment. The daycare
centre is an inclusive childcare setting with a supported child development worker on site.

Housing Department
The Housing Department is located within the Skidegate Band Council’s Administrative Offices and assists community
members on all types of housing issues including obtaining social housing, rentals, mould problems, renovations,
building new houses and financing. A copy of the current Skidegate Band Council’s Housing Policy is available
from the Housing Coordinator.

Housing Program Services
• New construction
• Ministerial Guarantees/Section 10 Loans
• Rent-to-Own Units
• Band Housing Rentals
• Elders Unit Rentals
• Mould Remediation/Renovations
• General Renovations
• RRAP/HASI Renovations

Homeowner RRAP (Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program)
Homeowner RRAP offers financial assistance to low income homeowners to repair their homes. If your home
requires major repairs, you may be eligible for RRAP assistance to bring it up to minimum health and safety standards
and extend its useful life. Eligibility is based on income (plus household size), if your house is valued below a certain
amount, and if your house is substandard or overcrowded. Eligible major repairs include structural, heating, electrical,
fire safety or plumbing. The assistance is in the form of a loan which may be largely forgivable depending on your income.

Financing A Home On-Reserve
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) can help provide access to financing for housing through
its Loan Insurance Program On-Reserve with Ministerial Loan Guarantee. This is a financing option for potential
homebuyers who have the financial ability to repay a housing loan. Eligible housing units include existing homes,
new construction and manufactured/modular homes.
The minimum down payment required is 5%.

Housing Department
Box 1301 Skidegate
V0T 1S1 Haida Gwaii
p. 250.559.4496
f. 250.559.8247

Social Development
The Social Development department will primarily provide income assistance and income assistance related programs and services to the community of Skidegate and is currently located at the Band Administration office. The Haida Child & Family Service office at 191A 3-rd Ave can assist with all Social Work matters or direct you to the appropriate agencies, their # (250)559-8400. The Health Center (250)559-4610 have professional staff that can assist with counseling services or you can also call the Village of Queen Charlotte Mental Health & Addiction Services at (250)559-8765. Other Social Development Administrative matters can be addressed in writing to the Chief Administrative Officer, Babs Stevens.

Social Development
p. 250.559.4496 ext. 35 or 250.559.2316
f. 250.559.8247

Hltaaxuulang Gud ad K'aajuu - Friends Together Singing

Dance Group

Hltaaxuulang Gud ad K'aaju is a traditional Haida dance group made up of different clans who've joined to bring
their Haida songs and dances together under one roof. Members range in age from "still in their momma's belly"
through to grandparents. All are dedicated to the learning and passing on of Haida song and dance, and the history
and protocols that go along with them. Group members have been honoured to perform in countless ceremonies
on Haida Gwaii, as well and for special guests visiting our islands. Members have also been privileged to share
our culture through song and dance around the world, representing the Haida Nation.

Skidegate - Hlgaagilda Children's Haida Dance Group
The Children’s Haida dance group includes dancers from toddlers to teens. Dance practice each week is an important
venue for the passing down of Haida culture, stories, song & dance from teachers to children. Practices include Haida
story time, songs, the dance program, and the Spirit Song. Parents are heavily involved in the group and help children
with regalia and masks, discipline, fundraising and working bees to make new regalia. Many of the teachers are youth
and this provides a positive leadership opportunity for teens.

As one of the teachers for the Children’s dance group,

" I believe strongly that the Children are our future and would like to see them guided through their younger
years, with the knowledge of their Culture. For Culture is the most important part of “Who we are” and “where
we come from”. With Haida dancing, we see absolute pride in the children’s eyes as they dance the songs
of their ancestors. We would like to see the children get the necessary teachings of the Haida Way, so they
can pass on their knowledge of Song and Dance to the next generation, and so on….As it is so important
for any child to receive the knowledge of their culture..” Jenny Cross

Skidegate Saints Basketball Teams
Skidegate’s basketball teams rank among the best in British Columbia and are a great source of pride for the community.
Over the past six years, the Intermediates have won 4 championships, the Juniors have won 4 championships, and the
Masters have placed in the top 3 and won 1 championship. Hopefully this year, we will get a Girls’ team together again
too. The All-Native Basketball Tournament in Prince Rupert is a major highlight of each year.

George Brown Rec. Centre

p. 250.559.4719
hours: Monday-Friday 4pm - 11pm