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 The Skidegate Band Council takes pleasure in introducing you to the Haida village of Skidegate on Haida Gwaii.  Some sections of the website are intended to be helpful to our community members; other sections are meant to  assist our urban Band members; and the balance of information will help people world wide who are planning their  first visit to Skidegate. In every instance, as you read through the pages and view the photos, we hope that you'll  find answers to your questions or at the very least, directions on how to find answers to your questions!

 For people who have yet to visit these beautiful Islands, we encourage you to make sure that Skidegate is a  place you will visit soon. You’ll experience, first hand, Haida art, culture, heritage, and hospitality, all of which
 are world renowned. You’ll see the Kaay 'llnagaay Heritage Centre and six monumental totem poles that were  designed,  carved and raised during the first phase of the heritage centre project. You’ll meet a people who are  connected to the  land and sea, a people who speak through their art, and a people with a thriving culture.

Skidegate Band Council

Elected by the community every two years, the Skidegate Band Council is the administrative and governing body of Skidegate. The Council is responsible for negotiating with governments, implementing programs,monitoring finances, and managing the social and political issues that arisein the community. The Council is made up of seven Councillors and one Chief Councillor. The Band Manager's responsibility is to oversee the

The current Skidegate Band Council is:

Chief - Billy Yovanovich

Duane Alsop
James Cowpar
David (Stinker) Crosby
Lyndale George
Missy McDonald
Godfrey Williams (Didi)
Robert Williams

Chief Administrative Officer: Babs Stevens

Issues, concerns and queries pertaining to Council matters can be
addressed to:

Box 1301 Skidegate
V0T 1S1 Haida Gwaii
p. 250.559.4496
f. 250.559.8247